#1174 Mystery Car Challenge

Recently, I discovered a car in the middle of Gatineau Park! The closest road was about a kilometre away.

Read further for photos, a video and a creative writing assignment…

Abandoned car - Gatineau Park
Old car in the middle of Gatineau Park… How did it get here?!

It got me wondering about the history of the micro area I was travelling through. My head filled with questions!:
“How long has the car been there?”
“Why is the car in the middle of a forest?”
“Where are the people who owned the car?”
“Why did the people leave the car here?”
“How did people get the car here?

Where are the missing pieces of the car?!

The car is in the middle of Gatineau Park, a huge place (361 square kilometres or 139 square miles) just north of Ottawa and Gatineau in Canada. What happened to the missing parts of the car?

Watch to a video about the mystery of the car:

Your assignment – Use your imagination:
• Write a story with words or pictures about the mystery car. Explain what it is and how it got there…
• Create some artwork inspired by the mystery object.
• Tell your partner a story about the mystery object

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