#1080 New Watershed Exhibition June 21, 22

Join us at the New Arts Festival, June 21, 22 as I exhibit my latest Watershed (and other) works.

What we’re exhibiting:
1. Straight-from-the-Camera Watershed Originals
Last year I built a hand-made large format (8×10) camera and refined a process that allowed me to produce single, original B&W prints that come straight from the camera.

Large format camera

Hand-made, focusable, 8×10 box camera

Effectively, one piece of B&W paper is loaded into the camera and processing allows a positive result – one-of-a-kind originals:

Large format photography

Original, one-of-a-kinds – straight from the camera – 8×10 film camera

2. Sunstreaks
I’ve also tweaked a photo process from 1842. The cyanotype was designed to react to light when objects are placed on the cyanotype sheet (no camera involved) and exposed to sunlight.

I found a way to use the paper in a very large camera. Done properly, this process captures a landscape with the streak of the sun as it crosses the sky.

The result is a one-of-a-kind, original landscape with the sun streaking across the sky:


Old Chelsea Church – Sunstreak

3. Big Watershed prints
We’ll be showing a couple of BIG, colour, mounted prints shot predominantly on medium and large format film equipment. These prints are well suited for public spaces and entrances / board rooms of corporate spaces.

Medium format photography

Big prints from big film cameras from the Watershed project.

4. A few prints from the archives
We’ll have some available prints from the archives – priced attractively.

There will be artwork available for all budgets.

Join us!
June 21, 22, 2014

Booth #79
The New Art Festival
Central Park
Glebe, Ottawa

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