#1056 Web Distractions

Welcome back to our current instalment of Web Distractions. And thanks for continuing to share amazing photo and arts links!

Overgrown Sarajevo Olympic Infrastructure!
Ever wonder what happens to the massive infrastructure built for past Olympic games? Steve Gerecke shared this haunting collection of photos documenting the sites of the 1984 Sarajevo winter Olympics. Haunting!

Tribute to photojournalist Bruno Sclumberger
Rod MacIvor offered this tribute to Bruno Schlumbereger’s decorated career as a photojournalist.

40 best photos of the 2014 Olympics
Sanne sent this link to one set of amazing Olympic photos!

Latest trends in camera developments – no more hobby SLR cameras expected from Canon
Camera technology and trends are changing fast. CAPIC reports Canon’s recent and (not-so) surprising decision on it’s new direction in photography.

Smart Smart Phone How-to
Following current photo/camera trends, Blair Gable is offering his expertise on the booming Smart Phone photo movement.

Smart phone camera

Future of photo equipment?!

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