#725 Open hours at the photo studio

Our studio has been open for business for 15 months. We operate Ottawa Studio Works as a multi use space – photo studio, gallery & exhibition space, client meeting space + classroom for photo workshops. We have never offered store hours. It’s always been by appointment.

But we’ve often seen people peering through the windows, received emails about the artwork and last week while in a meeting one woman came in to inspect the artwork. “I’ve always wanted to come in and see the artwork. May I loo around?!”


We get the hint.

Studio Open Hours

We’re introducing some limited “open” hours. We’ll be open for browsing on occasion. This week we’ll be open to the public at the studio.


Thursday, December 22nd, from approx 5-8pm.

Tuesday, December 27th, from approx 11:30-2pm.


160 Preston St. (between Somerset and Gladstone)



  • Come visit.
  • Be nosy.
  • Ask questions.
  • Say ‘hi.’
  • Or, if you’re really leaving things to the last minute, pick up some last minute gifts, big or small.

See you Thursday.

Ottawa Studio Works - photo studio and exhibit space

Ottawa Studio Works - photo studio and exhibit space

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