#655 Ottawa Farm Photo Safari

Photo of pigs by Harry Nowell

Probably most of us have heard of Canada’s national anthem, national parks and national sport, but did you know Canada has its own national horse?

It’s true, the Canadian horse was brought over from France in the 1600s to help the people of the new colony.┬áIt’s a smaller breed, known for its resilience and endurance (sounds pretty Canadian to me, eh) and in 2002 the Government of Canada ┬árecognized the Canadian horse as the national horse of Canada.

This Canadian horse is just one of the breeds you’ll have access to on our new Farm Photo Safari.

The safari gives you the opportunity to document life on the farm while receiving expert photo tips to make your work more compelling and technically sound. The safari suits photographers of all levels and equipment.

We ran a similar safari in May and it was super successful so we’ve decided to offer it again.

Find out more about our Ottawa Farm Photo Safari

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