#509 Thanks for the support…

Keeping this blog, photo newsletter and website going takes a lot of resources – mostly my time to research and write. There are, of course, benefits to the business but we have a few supporters who help keep our site going.

This month we would like to say thanks to Proulx Brothers. Their support helps keep content flowing at HarryNowell.com!

Please visit their site and their lab (141 Catherine Street – effectively Bank and the Queensway).

What’s interesting about Proulx?

  • They can print over five feet wide and on surfaces as diverse as plastic, 4×8 sheets of plywood and of course a beautiful selection of paper
  • They work with a LightJet printer allowing enormous prints to be created on real photo paper with a true photo process as opposed to inkjet prints where ink is squirted (beautifully) on to paper. Proulx says: “No other printer can match the Photographic LightJet’s combination of speed , superior quality and affordability.”
  • They do fine work for museums, industry, retail and smaller jobs, too!

Thanks Proulx…

Proulx Brothers

Proulx Brothers

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