#507 Exposed! Photo Newsletter

August’s photography newsletter went out to most recipients today.

This week we explored the idea of Opportunistic Light:

Recently I was away on a photo hunt – expanding my base of stock and photo based art while experimenting and trying new techniques. My tools were mostly simple – cameras, lenses and the sun as my main light source.

I started shooting at what I call “Far Too Early!” to capture golden light and stillness. As I was crawling around investigating a garden I stumbled upon a momentarily backlit situation behind a beautiful thistle, below. Working quickly I captured a decent shot that was only available ten minutes a day for perhaps two weeks a year.

Opportunistic photo lighting

Opportunistic photo lighting

While we sometimes use manufactured lighting – strobes, reflectors – there is always an opportunity to discover simple and magical “opportunistic lighting.”

In this edition of Exposed! we explore where to find the special light and how to discover the magic.

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