#492 Photoshop CS5 Review

Ok, ok, those who know me, know I preach “get it right in the camera, save time in post processing.

It’s true. Spend a little time making sure everything is as good as possible before clicking can save hours in Photoshop.

Recently Photoshop CS5 was launched and I have heard some good reviews. Time for an upgrade at Harry, Inc., I think.

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How much tweaking do I do? Depends on the assignment!

Read the Exposed! photo Newsletter –“Cheating or Tweaking” for views on post processing.

Post Processing - Icelandic Horses

Post Processing - Icelandic Horses

One thought on “#492 Photoshop CS5 Review

  1. hmmmm: neutral gradient and black point/shadows if the left side is post processed and likely only exposure if right side is the post results.