#490 R&R

We took a few days off over Canada Day to Rest & Relax.

It’s very important. And I sometimes need to take the R&R more seriously.

We spent some time:

• in a canoe exploring the Rideau Canal system

• cheering at TWO small town Canada Day parades

• at a cottage

• with no camera whatsoever and very limited access to computers or phones.

It was nice.

Rideau Canal Photo

Rideau Canal Photo from a previous expedition

2 thoughts on “#490 R&R

  1. Where did you and K. go Harry? We were with a group on the Rideau as well and saw several canoes in the locks. We went as far as Jones Falls.

  2. We were based in Newboro and did day trips by canoe to Westport and then further south. Two days and then two days to a cottage north of Gatineau Park.

    Very fun!