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We are very pleased to say we will be again be offering a fall photo workshop with David Trattles in Ottawa.

Photographer David Trattles

Photographer David Trattles

Dave is a leading social documentary photography – published widely and well traveled. His work is defined by people and their stories:”All photography that involves people. Documentary, Travel, Portrait and Weddings.”

David Trattles photo

David Trattles photo

David’s workshops have sold out every time he comes to Ottawa. He wows participants with a mix of experiential stories, new ideas and critique:

“My biggest photo self discovery on this course was that I needed to be a little “messy”. My work was too “square” and “nice” as David put it.” Jessie

“I really appreciated the challenge Dave gave me to see outside my photographic box. I feel a lot freer from my viewfinder, squaring images up and having everything in focus!” Ross

“Harry – thank you for introducing me to David.  This course has changed the way I take photographs.  More importantly it has changed the way I see myself and the world around me.”  Prasad

Interested? Please contact us to sign up.

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