#439 – Ottawa Photo Challenge – test your editing skills!

PechaKucha (‘Pe chak cha’) comes to Ottawa on March 31st.


PechaKucha started in 2003 as a way for people to present work in an informal but structured way to a group of peers. Participants prepare 20 photos that are presented for 20 seconds – no more no less.

Editing Exercise

This is a fabulous exercise in editing and mimics the kind of decisions needed to deliver a proposal to a prospective client. You are limited to few photos to get your skills and message across – choosing only 20 is tough and depends on who is viewing and what your intended message is!

PechaKucha is generous in the number of photos and time per slide. In reality, you may present ten photos for 2-3 secomds each when catching a client’s attention.

Pecha Kucha is often considered as the basis of framework for effective presentations.

More information on Pecha Kucha:

Visit the Ottawa PechaKucha event on March 31st!

Pecha Kucha - Ottawa

Pecha Kucha - Ottawa

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