#414 Coming Clean

Ok, I’ve been absent from the blog-bligations for most of the week and it’s time to come clean.

“Official Story”

Officially I said I was taking some rest after three weeks of fun work. By ‘rest’ I would like to infer:

  • sleeping in late
  • a long ski in the afternoon
  • dinners out

“Real Story”

… but in reality I got smacked with something that has knocked me off my feet. This is unusual for me! I am slowly recovering and will be getting the blog up to full speed over the next week.

Coming soon:

  • Workshop sneak peeks
  • Assignment Spotlight
  • Student Successes
  • Art show announcement
  • Tips and ideas from the world of photography according to Harry

I thought of doing a self portrait from the infirmary but decided to do an artistic impression instead:

Photo Portrait

Artist's Impression Portrait

3 thoughts on “#414 Coming Clean

  1. OMG, hope I don’t get this…hope you feel better soon. Just to let you know I really enjoyed the 2 courses I took with you. Now, I need to practice, I looked at your homework you suggested and I find them quite interesting. Talk to you soon.

  2. Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed the workshops!
    It’s been a rough ten days. I am getting better. The green colour is almost gone.


  3. Oh dear Harry! It was worse than I thought!! I hope you are recovering and back to normal (?) real soon ( :