#410 Photo Quiz – Banff Film Fest Ticket Prize!

Coming up Monday, January 25th is the annual Ottawa showing of the “Best of Banff Film Fest” at the Bytowne Theatre. It’s a fun event with some wild films on outdoor sports.

We have one spare ticket and will give it away to a clever photo detective. All you have to do is answer the questions based on the photo below.

The winner will be drawn from people with reasonably correct answers. Please email your answers to Harry@HarryNowell.com including contact info – name and phone or email address – by midnight January 21st. Name will be drawn January 22nd. If we cannot find you (quickly and easily) we will draw another name! Winner will be announced on the blog.

The questions:

  1. What was the shutter speed used? Explain rationale.
  2. What was the aperture used? Explain rationale.
  3. Describe the placement of the camera.

Reasonably correct answers will qualify for the draw. All decisions are final!!

The Photo:

A self portrait taken taken in Gatineau Park near Black Lake.

Ottawa bike photo contest

Ottawa bike photo contest

Good luck!


One thought on “#410 Photo Quiz – Banff Film Fest Ticket Prize!

  1. in reverse order (that’s the key to figuring it out)

    #3 little tripod mount attached to the rear wheel hub, a panier frame and perhaps the seat post (or another spot on the panier frame).
    #2 f16 based on star burst, distance from focal point and depth of field
    #1 either 1/30 or 1/15s for bike motion and exposure with the sun directly in the frame.