#388 Top Tips for Great Holiday Portraits

We sent out the Exposed! Photo Newsletter today:

Top Tips for Great Holiday Portraits

The holidays are upon us and for many photographers the stress of getting the perfect seasonal shot can make legs turn to jelly, cause a bad case of butterflies and give the most steady hand the shakes.

In this edition of Exposed! we offer ideas to keep the jelly legs under control when taking holiday portraits.

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Top Portrait Tips

Top Portrait Tips

#387 The dogs

We photographed dogs on the weekend at the Aylner SPCA. It’s fun, furry and for a good cause!

We had visits from ferociously flapping tails and shy dogs recovering from nasty puppy mill experiences. We loved them all. This year I had the assistance of Nathalie, one of our ProPrgrammers who was gaining shadowing experience.

Nat shot a few portraits this week. Next week she will be lead photographer at the Aylmer SPCA’s Santa Photo Fundraiser. Check Nat’s blog for her take on last Saturday’s event.

Santa and friend:

Santa and friend

Santa and friend

Nathalie in action:

Nat Madore in action

Nat Madore in action

#386 Photo tips

I occasionally read Lightstalking.com where they have some photo tips such as:

Light Direction: How to Shoot No Matter Where the Light is Pointing

Another good site with tips for developing photographers is Digital-Photography-School.com.

They have a recent article about the editing tool Lightroom and how it can help you:

Lightroom: What is it and When Should You Consider it?

Do your readings – the test will be next week!


#385 Cycling in the city

Recently a reader sent me links to fabulous photo based websites devoted to bike commuting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

If you like bikes, urban photography, bike commuting you’ll enjoy Mikael Colville-Andersen’s CopenhagenCycleChic.com, Copenhagenize.com and his City of Cyclist’s video.

Thanks, Joel, for the tip!

In the early days of this business our main focus was stock, stock, stock and I shot lots of motion, sports imagery – like the city bike commuter, below.

Stock photography is the niche whereby people shoot imagery without specific buyers in mind, usually letting agencies find the sales. Below is a cross processed photo from our early days. I acted as model and photographer – yep that’s me on the bike:

Stock bike photo - Ottawa

Stock bike photo - Ottawa