#370 What happened to our blog, cont’d

Remember we told you about the blog troubles that plagued us for ten days? And there was some web infiltration too? We seem to have patched the holes and be cruising at full speed.

So what happened?

Here is a good article about what happened to our site.

It was a widespread hack of websites first discovered in May of this year and named Gumblar. There has been a recent resurgence.

Gumblar steals ftp info and uses that to inject malicious code into sites. (We’re not entirely sure why — either just to be generally disruptive or to scam google adwords.)

The code isn’t the same every time, so it’s hard to detect. In May, people were saying it had infected 60,000-200,000 sites. The latest strain is harder to detect, but that could mean it’s more widespread.

Tricky, disruptive and not very fun for us at Harry, Inc!

Thank-you for your patience!!!

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