#319 Five Myths of the Photo Business

Our monthly Newsletter – ‘Exposed!’ – went out this week. It’s called:

Five Myths of the Photo Business

In it we discuss some common misperceptions of the photo world that can cause some awkward moments.

  • Myth 1We just paid for the photo. Why should we pay to use it again!?
  • Myth 2Digital photography is easy!
  • Myth 3Professional photographers are expensive.
  • Myth 4Film photography is dead.
  • Myth 5Starting a photo business takes a year of hard work.

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Harry Nowell, photographer; HNPinc. Harry Nowell

#318 Polo

Last weekend we traveled to the Augusta Polo Club to capture some of the thundering fun in preparation for our Sport Photography Workshop covering the Peanut Polo Cup in late August.

Polo is often misunderstood. Many people have the idea that Polo is played only by the upper echelons of society – Prince Charles, etc. Not the case!

Polo photography


Augusta Polo Club’s Kathy and George told me Polo is one of the most accessible equine sports in North America – polo ponies can be inexpensive to purchase and equipment is limited. Best of all polo can be played on a simple, open field. If you can ride you can play Polo!

The Game

The game is played on a large field – 300 yards x 100 yards. While that may seem massive, experienced riders get around at lightning speed – remember, horses can gallop 50km/hr or faster.

Polo photography

An experienced game is fast. Play is broken down to 7 minute ‘chukkers’ with riders mounting a fresh horse every chukker to keep the play pulsing.

Horse Safety

And what about the horses? They are trained to perform at polo – making sure they are accustomed to close competition. The sport is gear towards the safety of the magnificent animals.

The Photo Workshop

Our sport event will be challenging – learn about event photography:

  • equipment choices – Vistek Camera store will be offering some free rentals
  • evaluating shooting locations
  • staying safe while shooting a sports event
  • performing under pressure
  • producing the best photos possible under game conditions

As part of the workshop you will receive media passes giving participants access to restricted areas.

Support Animal Rescue Programs

At the Peanut Polo Cup you will also have the chance to photograph many classic canines. The event is used to support canine and equestrian rescue programs.

Polo photography

#317 Big Trouble

Annie Leibovitz is in some trouble.

She is a celebrated and prolific photographer shooting some memorable photos of the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Jackso, Bill Gates… The list goes on and on.

Annie shot extensively for Rolling Stone Magazine and Vanity Fair among others. She has a storied photo career that developed from good skills and good timing.

Recently, she has been in the news as she seems to be in danger of losing her life’s work over a loan she took last year.

Read the whole story at the NY Times. Hang in there Annie!

#316 World Press Photo 09

World Press Photo 09

It’s an amazing opprotunity to see some fine work by the best photojournalists in the world. We saw the traveling exhibit in Iceland last summer.

The opening was Wednesday night with speeches and a collection of people in the industry. The show runs from August 6th to 26th at the Canadian War Museum.

Earlier I¬† had advertised this month’s gallery visit to see the Karsh/Steichen exhibition at the National Gallery. We have changed the Gallery visit so that we can take advantage of this temporary traveling exhibition.

Details of the Gallery Visit

World Press Photo 09

#315 Phew

It’s been a busy week and I’ve been neglecting my blog-bligations. Last night I was at the World Press Photo ’09 Vernissage. I am looking at changing August’s gallery visit from Karsh/Steichen to World Press Photo.

Details coming soon…

Gotta go,


#314 Fun photo feature

I got an email from Brian Goldschmied last week. Two things he shared:

1. World Press Photo 09 – Canadian War Museum – August 6th-26th
This is a fabulous exhibition highlighting some of the best Press Photography of the year. We saw last year’s traveling exhibition in Iceland. This is a must see!

2. Silly fun

Have a chuckle over this collection of photos of photographers and some silliness at DarkRoastedBlend.com.

Thanks Brian!

#313 Fast

They’re fast.

I have continued a stock/commercial art project working with Dave McMahon and Lise Meloche of xcZone.tv.

They are residents of Chelsea, Qc and have been on the world cup and/or Olympic circuit for a good chunk of their life! Splitting their available time between training hard and filming for xcZone we were lucky to get them to run for our cameras!

Very fun to work with good people:

Fave McMahon Lise Meloche

Dave & Lise discussing the route

Dave McMahon Lise Meloche

Dave McMahon Lise Meloche


Dave & Lise