#303 Dave McMahon flying

This week I had the opportunity to shoot Dave McMahon for a stock and commercial art project.

Dave McMahon is an accomplished athlete – National Biathlon Champion with many other accomplishments. He now runs XCZone.tv providing video footage and producing films of “Clean Oxygen Fed Sport.”

We ventured into Gatineau Park for some trail running photos and caught him flying along the trail – both feet off the ground.

He’s fast.

Dave McMahon - xczone.tv

Dave McMahon

2 thoughts on “#303 Dave McMahon flying

  1. Harry,

    Were you actually trying to catch him with both feet off the ground?

    I remember your trick about pre-focusing where the target will come by. But catching that at the same time is something else!!

  2. A+ Sylvain – you remember the pre focus technique from the workshop!

    We discussed the shoot before he started running – what and where and when things would happen. Sometimes things work exceptionally well!