#152 Taking a well deserved break

Fall is one of my busiest seasons – and by the end of last week I was looking forward to a break. By Saturday evening I realized my batteries were low. It hit me all of  a sudden.

This often happens – once a busy spell eases I crave some rest. Saturday was the end of a long streak and my body told me it was time for a break. I cannot afford to get low or call in sick!

I caught myself talking nonsensically to a friend Friday night – “… I am taking Sunday off and will be doing some editing and prep work.” That just didn’t make sense.

So Sunday came and my wife and I slept in, went to Wakefield for bruch, took a leisurely hike and watched a movie. This week still involves deliverables but also time to charge the batteries.

HarryNowell.comRest and Relaxation!



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