#103 R&R

I have some work and play coming up that will consume much of my time. Alas, my blog posts over the next two weeks will be sparse. I will likely post a couple of notes but want to limit my time in the office to charge my batteries!

Perhaps in my relax time I will get a chance for a ride in an old roadster:Roadster @ ChelseaGallery.ca
Blur action in an old roadster – ChelseaGallery.ca

The Photo Story:

I developed this idea of highway summer photos in Chelsea, Quebec. I scouted the highway and found a nice background with a safe spot beside my car to get the fun perspective. Within minutes I was lucky enough to catch this classic roadster on the highway. I added the hint of motion with a slow shutter speed – slightly blurred roadster – that adds to the fun.

A police officer ‘moved me along’ a few minutes later! He was quite nice – no ticket – but a little perplexed at my project!


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