#98 Loose ends

Bluesfest continues – looks like I may be shooting for the Ottawa Sun again this weekend – Donna Summer and Wyclef Jean.

Another of the new photos at ChelseaGallery.ca:

Thundering Horse at ChelseaGallery.ca

I love shooting motion but horses and show jumping were new to me! I was invited to travel to Kingston, Ontario for a stock shoot centred around the world of horses and jumping.

My photographic style has always drawn me close to the action with wide angle lenses. After many jumps and discussions we were all feeling pretty comfortable with each other’s technical abilities.

The idea of a photo from beneath the horse was discussed. After some safety and technical discussions I planted myself under the a substantial jump. Timing was, of course, an issue but the thundering hooves vibrating through the earth gave me a clear indication when shooting time had arrived. My new friends soared beautifully above me as I caught the slightly blurred hooves of my magnificent new equine friend.


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