#530 Exposed! Photo Newsletter

Our photo newsletter went out to most recipients this week:

How to be a Photo Superstar!

Steve Nash is an unlikely basketball superhero. At 6’3″ he is short for a pro and he grew up in Victoria, BC, a spot known more for producing tea shops than basketball superstars.

And yet, Nash fought his way to the NBA Most Valuable Player – twice – and continues to lead the offensive team of the Phoenix Suns basketball team.

So, how did he grow from humble beginnings to achieve so much? He worked hard, had fun and pursued success.

In this edition of Exposed! learn from Nash’s career to become photo superstars or photo business superstars.

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How to be a supesrtar!

How to be a supesrtar!

#529 David Trattles review

Dave Trattles descended on Ottawa and had a busy week including his Photojournalism and Social Documentary Photo Workshop. The course filled and, as usual, we got rave reviews – Dave does things differently!

David Trattles Photo Course

David Trattles Photo Workshop - Alain S

It is awesome….I left last night wanting to quit my job, travel the world, meet and photograph people…and tell their story.

The workshop was great. I liked the assignments David gave us on the Saturday. I was looking forward to India but now I’m just so excited!! It’s David’s fault;-)”

I enjoyed the workshop very much.  David has a wonderful gift for reminding us that the most important part of the photography is really the experience, itself.

Personally, David really helped me to make the leap beyond taking more candid photos to more actively engaging with people, getting up close and seeing that the photography can actually help that engagement, rather than detract from it.

David Trattles Photo Course

David Trattles Photo Workshop - Ken H

#528 Assignment Spotlight + Heather Morton Show

I went back to Westboro Academy to continue developing their base of imagery from which they promote the school.

We worked on creative ways to provide a quantity of work within their budget. That included shooting with an editorially based, available light style that allowed me to save time (and money) by leaving strobes packed away while producing work to attract students.

I am limited as to what I can show here – student privacy – but you can see some of my work from the previous shoot on their home page. With each assignment more of my work appears on their site replacing older photos.

I delivered the work last week and they were very happy with the results. Very happy. And that makes me happy!

Assignment Spotlight

Assignment Spotlight

… In other news, I attended Heather Morton‘s show that she describes on her blog as “Me and What I Think Of the State of Photography in general and Some Ideas to Bring You Success.”

The show brought in a good crowd of mostly working photographers (thanks to CAPIC for organizing.) Heather spoke about the world of photography and promotion – her ideas reminded the audience of important, targeted elements that should lead you closer towards success!

Many veterans of the Ottawa photo community showed up to take notes while many younger, less known faces soaked up Heather’s advice.

Onwards, upwards!