Exposed! New Adventures

In 2006, my web-savvy girlfriend suggested “Write a free photo newsletter with tips and upcoming events.
I thought she was crazy! It sounded like extra work to me.

Well, I did it (and then married my girlfriend.) I’ve sent Exposed! every month with photo tips, ideas and workshop announcements for almost a decade.

• I’ve promoted imagination, creativity and exploration of new ideas.
• I’ve challenged you to try new things at the risk of failing (on the way to new successes.)
• I’ve urged you to take time off to keep your creative juices flowing.

Ahem, time off is important!

I’m about to take a big dose of my own advice…
I’m taking a 9 month sabbatical from my business to build on my love of teaching – I’ll be pursuing my Bachelor of Education degree.

What about your business! Why change a good thing?
Good question:
• I’ve been working as a photographer for over 20 years. And I’ve been teaching our photography workshops since 2001. I’ve had some great successes. Some time off can be beneficial!

• The world of photography keeps evolving. But photo is not where it was when I started. I still love aspects of what I do. It’s time to step back, recharge and re-emerge.

Spinning on our back deck – from our Online Photo Program’s “12 foot Photo Challenge”

• Our live photo workshops receive ongoing praise. And Online Program Members love the unique community we’ve built around monthly interactive challenges! Members recently took me out to dinner (it was a lovely surprise – THANKYOU!) However, I’m finding fewer people are willing to pay for a quality, interactive photo community.

• And for a couple of years I’ve been looking to my past to build my future.
My two favourite work elements are:
1. Teaching
2. Creative innovation (developing new ideas into functional final work.)
… And these are where I am focusing my future!

New Adventures…

“What can we look forward to in the next few years?”
I’m not exactly sure of future specifics but these fun projects are on the horizon:
• more balance for my family (I worked LONG hours for very modest returns)
• work in a traditional classroom
• a few classic (and new) photo/art workshops/events – Creative Fundamentals in May 2015.
• innovative, creative work
• art based projects – Watershed, Sunstreaks
Over the next 9 months I’ll blog at a slower rate and send fewer photo blasts through this newsletter.

I’ve often urged people to take time off. But I rarely have.
My new challenge is waiting for me!

Stay in touch, please. I love hearing your photo (and other) adventures. And stay tuned for spring 2015…

Final Frame
I’m excited (and nervous) about the next nine months.
Can’t wait…
Take Photos.
Have fun!

PS We’re having a gear sale at our studio, 160 Preston St. Saturday August 16th; 9am to noon. Cash or credit card. Some items (business) are taxable. All sales final. Items must be picked up that day.

Partial list for sale:
• 42″ LG monitor
• Backdrops
• Manfrotto Autopoles and other equipment
• risers for studio
• photo props
• metal frames
• hard wood desk
• office furniture
• comfortable folding chairs (from the Congress Centre)
• MEC baby backpack (brand new)
• Nikonos (underwater) film camera
• miscellaneous camera items