Exposed! :: Gift Ideas for the Photographer on Your List!

The festive season is around the corner and many photographers get excited about new photo opportunities from fresh snow, festive lights and a chance to photograph Santa.

Other photographers are secretly wishing for some new photo toys that they hope will help them create better photos.

In our 4th annual gift buying guide, below, for photographers we aim to help the gift buyers this year. And, of course, we hope this helps the photographers receive what is in their dreams!

Below is our list you can share with Santa!

photo gift ideas for photographers

Santa and his reindog are checking their list for good photographers!

What’s fun.
High on my fun scale this year is the Go-Pro set of attachable video cameras. Attach them to your skis, bicycle, dog, helmet or wing suit and let the fun begin!

What’s good for a ‘MacGyver’ photographer.
Is the photographer on your list always trying to rig their camera in impossible places. Try a Manfrotto Superclamp. Indispensable for attaching still cameras to railings, tables. I’ve even used the superclamp for skateboards, roofracks, skis and bicycles. Camera insurance not included.

What’s hot.
• Film is becoming the hip new direction in photography for the cool photographer. Ahem, film has always been cool, even when it was sidelined by the digital revolution!

Enough editorializing – below are some fun gift ideas for those looking for a cool factor of 10 or for those wishing to challenge themselves in a new direction.

Film based cameras are gaining popularity. Look for a classic used Olympus OM1Nikon FM2Pentax K1000 or Canon AE1. These offer a solid simplicity and a new challenge for those looking for a non-digital challenge.

Lomography is a fun niche – HolgasDianas and Horizon panoramic cameras provide (mostly) inexpensive fun in different shapes and sizes. I’ve had a Horizon for years and LOVE it!

A classic Leica rangefinder camera has always been in style – but take note – a Leica gift will set you back some big bills!

What’s dreamy.
There have been some dreamy cameras released in the last year including Canon’s 5DMarkIII and Nikon’s D800 and D4. Big bucks for fine cameras.

What’s practical.
Memory cards, camera bags, spare batteries are always needed and appreciated even if they are not so exciting.

What’s printed.
Books or magazine subscriptions are great ideas or the armchair. PhotoDistrictNews, PhotoLife.

What’s very useful.
Not exciting
 but very useful for certain types of photography is a solid tripod. SOLID is key. And solid also means about $200-300 at a minimum. Cheaper tripods are certainly available but they can be wobbly and less than useful. If your photographer is serious about landscapes or night time shooting (and you have the budget), buy a solid tripod – Manfrotto (among others) are a good place to start looking! A cord release is a natural partner to a tripod.

What’s close to the heart.
Give memories with a family album created by you and produced professionally. Apple, Blurb and Photo Book Canada are popular.

What’s under-appreciated but overly useful.
A prime lens with a big aperture. This is the quiet, little over-achiever that often goes unnoticed. A 50mm f1.8 or 85mm f1.8 allows for flashless shooting in lower light. Under rated but very useful for available light portraits and beautifully blurred backgrounds. I hold a special place in my heart for these little powerhouses. Affordable, too!!

What’s tech savvy and very practical.
The solid software of Adobe’s Lightroom. A strong editing tool. 

What’s to be avoided.
Lens cleaning cloths and other inexpensive gadgets can do more for the store’s bottom line than the photographer’s photos. Save your money!

What’s enlightening!
Give the gift of better photos! Buy a photo workshop, safari or online program for your photographer.

What’s guaranteed fun!
Treat family or friends to a DIY portrait session. You plug your camera into our studio lights and direct your own pro photo shoot. Very fun, based on the past hoots and laughs coming from the studio!

The best thing to help the photographer on your list is to get them shooting. More stuff doesn’t make a good photographer! Practical experience does – keep this in mind when buying gifts!

Please remember:
• our 3rd annual December 1st studio Open House – gift ideas and guaranteed fun available.
• Have your pet portrait taken with Santa – our way to give back to community – raising money for the West Quebec SPCA

Have a safe and merry holiday season. Buy local – support your local businesses where possible! 

Final Frame
Take Photos!
Have fun.

What’s on your Christmas wish list!?