Platform Series – Alternative Black & White Film and Darkroom Processing – Caffenol

Caffenol Black & White - © Matthew Hinther

Caffenol Black & White – © Matthew Hinther

A new instalment to our Ottawa Platform Series, we are offering an evening with Matt Hinther as he guides you through the new-ish alternative process of film and paper development – Caffenol!

What is Caffenol?
The Caffenol process is a much less toxic development process using simple ingredients to develop and print B&W film.

Who will benefit from this presentation?
People with home-based darkrooms or those working in shared darkrooms who want to work in a less toxic environment!

Who is Matthew Hinther?
Born and raised in Ottawa, Matthew became interested in photography at a young age, influenced by his father, grandfather, and great grandfather who were all photographers. An avid photographer in both B&W and digital media, Matthew processes primarily with Caffenol for his large format and 35mm projects.

What you will learn

  • photo introduction and background of caffenol
  • equipment and ingredients used and where to get it
  • demonstration of the process
  • different development techniques & trouble shooting… to produce the best possible image quality without spending days at the computer.
Caffenol Ottawa

Matthew Hinther

Friday, October 25th; 7-9pm

Ottawa Studio Works
160 Preston St., Ottawa.

We ask for a donation of $15 for this evening of environmentally friendly film processing!

Equipment Requirements
Please bring a note pad and pen to soak up Matt’s information.

This is an open seminar based session. Reserve your spot by phone at 613-601-9460 with a $15 (incl HST)

Contact us by email for more info.
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Caffenol Black & White Development

Caffenol Black & White Process © Matthew Hinther