Creative-Exploration Photo Safari
with Dominique Larocque and Harry Nowell::

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Creative Wheel Centre

Join creativity coach Dominique Larocque and Harry Nowell for an inward bound photo safari at Creative Wheel's magical hills of Val-des-Monts.

Participants will be introduced to core concepts of Gestalt awareness and apply this awareness during the safari on Dominique's beautiful retreat centre - 35 minutes from Ottawa.

Both Dominique and Harry will be on site to offer guidance and support.


Saturday, Sept 24, 2011: 1-4pm
Rain Date: Sat, Oct 1, 2011: 1-4pm


Safari is held at the Creative Wheel Centre in Val-des-Monts, Quebec.


$65 + applicable taxes

Goals of the safari

Awareness is characterized by contact, by sensing, by excitement and by gestalt formation. It is the spontaneous sensing of what arises in you of what you are doing, feeling, planning.

When a photographer makes a good-quality, 'aware contact' with a subject he/she is photographing and feels some excitement, that experience is a gestalt. Gestalt formation always accompanies awareness.

Who is Dominique Larocque?


Dominique Larocque

Dominique Larocque, M.A. has been a Gestalt coach and sport psychology consultant since 1997. Her work with children, teenagers and adults has been guided by her own life experiences as a recreation therapist, two time national team athlete, graphic artist and restaurateur. Her complementary training in yoga, healing, ecopsychology and core shamanism makes her a strong catalyst for deep process work.

Who is Harry Nowell?


Harry Nowell

Harry Nowell is an Ottawa area photo educator, stock photographer, assignment photographer and public speaker. He worked as an instructor for Outward Bound where he helped "present people with challenges (physical, mental and even social) that they are not sure they can accomplish." For the past eleven years, Harry has run a series of photography workshops and courses based out of the Ottawa area.

"Is this a digital or film course?"

It is a creativity course. The emphasis is on your skills behind the camera and your ability to effectively use the camera you have. Do not worry about your equipment. "Point and shoot" cameras are suitable for this course.


Space is limited! Contact us by email or by phone at 819-827-9460 for more information and to register. To reserve your spot we ask for the safari fees ($65 + tax = $74.05) and a complete registration form.

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