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Learn to tell your photo story with the help of social documentary photographer David Trattles.

When you are done, you will have completed a one-minute video narrative of still photographs on an assignment.

Most of the coursework is based on an assignment of still photography, but the final presentation of the narrative will be a one minute video created by you in either iMovie, Windows Moviemaker or Adobe Premiere. Social documentary photographer David Trattles guides your way!


No more spots are available. Please contact us for alternatives!
May 10-13, 2012.
Weekday evenings (6-9pm) and weekend afternoons (1-4pm).


Workshop is held in central Ottawa at Ottawa Studio Works.


$400 + applicable taxes

What you will learn

You will meet David four times. Together you will develop your photo narrative and improve your social documentary photography.

Dave does things differently! He does not lecture or teach f-stops, exposures and photoshop. He helps you see how to see, how to tell a story. And David does not teach a normal class - expect a fun adventure in the classroom! The workshop is based indoors - and not in the field - because what Dave teaches is best taught in many, small doses with your day's fresh catch on the screen. Read more about Dave and his past workshops.

Each session will include discussion, critique of your work, narrative and an assignment for you to complete for the next day. You will also learn to simply create a video of your still photography. Dave will meet you each day to review and critique your results. Critique will cover your body of work produced rather than technical photo details.

By the end of the four days, you will have created a one-minute video of stills on your narrative assignment. Emphasis is not on the carpentry of making a video but about the narrative. No existing video skills are required.

Who is David Trattles?

David Trattles is a veteran social documentary photographer:

A social documentary photographer? What's that? Think of photojournalism as producing a single news photo whereas social documentary photography refers to a body of work that represents the social fabric of a people, community or event. If 'photojournalism' is represented as a single word, 'social documentary photography' is an essay.

What students say:

"Dave proved that there are no rules to photography. I was very intrigued by his shooting technique. Everything I have ever read said avoid the ?hail mary? shot... Dave seems to have shot blind so much that he a great sense of the picture he will capture knowing the angles of his camera.

He had me laughing all weekend. Too many great stories. It was well worth the time and I am glad I took it.

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David Trattles

Read a Canadian Geographic interview with David Trattles.

Check Dave’s photo tips.

"Is this a digital or film course?"

It is a photography course - about creating better pictures. The emphasis is on your skills behind the camera and your ability to effectively use the camera you have. We encourage digital cameras for this course for ease of critique. Film shooters will need to process/digitize film before each session. Do not worry about your equipment - all you need is a camera and lens(es) - "point and shoot" cameras are fine for this course.


No more spots are available! Please contact us for alternatives.

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