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Digital photography has revolutionized the way we take photographs, and it has brought photo editing within reach of everyone. If you've been confused by the choices, technology or just plain where to start, this workshop will give you a solid basis to improve and print your photos, now.

Join Hagen Hohn to learn how to deal with common photo problems, some special effects and preparing your photos for printing or emailing. You will learn:

This class is designed for any photographer with little experience in photo editing, looking for a jump-start into fixing or improving their pictures.

A low student/instructor ratio (maximum 8 to 1) ensures personalized attention throughout the workshop, enabling you to learn at your own pace. The techniques you will learn are applicable for any photographs you are unhappy with: children, holiday snaps, party or BBQ, landscape, portrait, sports or abstract.

Who is Hagen?

Simplifying complex subjects for 25 years, Hagen brings an approachable teaching style to the broad subject of photo editing. Specializing in car and garden photography, Hagen is also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Hagen is also keen on post-processing as an artform and has been editing photos digitally, in one form or another, since 2003.

Next Dates:

To be announced.


Central Ottawa, Ontario for all dates


$300 + applicable taxes

What you will learn

The first day will focus on an introduction into basic photo editing, including the more common programs such as iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop Elements. However the aim of the course is the basics of editing which are applicable to any program, rather than learning how to use a specific program.

On the second day, we will start with an overview of the types of editing tools found in most editing programs and review Hagen's workflow. The second half will be spent walking through examples on red-eye reduction and dealing with dark or bright photos.

Most of the third day will be spent walking through more examples: washed-out colours, specks and blemishes, and more.

The last day will start with adding simple artistic flair to your images to enhance them: B&W, sepia and vignette. The day will finish with preparing your images for email and printing.

What to bring

A notepad, sharp pencils or pens, enthusiasm and lots of questions. A laptop is recommended, but not required. You will receive free or demo versions of software for both Mac and Windows to take home and use.

Space is limited! Contact us by email or by phone at 819-827-9460 for more information and to register. To reserve your spot we ask for a deposit of $118.12 (including taxes) payment and a complete registration form.

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