Big Film Photography Workshop

For the first time we offer a workshop exploring larger film formats while taking participants to some secret spots along the Watershed.

Film photography

Large Format Photography – 8×10 hand built camera

For 14 years I’ve explored my Watershed project – following the little creek behind our home for almost 20 km. I’m capturing the flow of water and changes to the liquid landscape using medium, large and panoramic formats.

The work has been exhibited at Cube Gallery, Michael Gennis Gallery and Ottawa Airport among other venues.

large format photography

Watershed Exhibition at Ottawa Airport

This workshop offers:
• an introduction to different (large) film formats to help broaden your horizons. We’ll be looking at anything larger than 35mm formats.
• an exploration into traditional landscape compositions.
• an adventure in the field exploring beautiful waterfalls and waterways.

film photography

Watershed Exhibition shot on medium format camera

Course Requirements

Participants should have:
Access to a film camera – the scope of the course is in medium and large formats – a smaller format is acceptable, if needed. We may be able to arrange some rental equipment.

Film – yes, it is available! We can point you in the right direction.

A light meter is helpful. Some cameras will have one built in. Many do not.

Tripod… very important

Rubber boots and outdoor clothes (gardening or hiking appropriate attire) are strongly suggested.

An understanding of fundamental photo skills – manual exposure basics. We’re not expecting you to be an expert but some base skills will help you get most from the course.

… a full equipment list will be provided.

Film photography

Watershed Exhibition – Panoramic Camera

July 17 – 6-9pm; Ottawa Studio Works; 160 Preston St., Ottawa
July 19*  – 4-8pm
July 20*  – 6:30 – 11am
July 24 – 6-9pm
*times may change based on weather

Cost: $375 + tax

Class Size
Maximum class size for this course is 8. Small class size may require changes to the format.

We will work with the weather presented.
“It’s always perfect wearer to shoot something.” – J David Andrews

Please leave your weekend  – Friday evening to Sunday evening – available in case we adjust times to maximize your  shooting experience.

large format photography

8×10 print – straight from the camera