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“Where do your creative ideas come from?”

Good question! Creativity is an intangible seed that grows under varied and unusual ways. What works for a creative scientist may not work for an artist but there are common, underlying elements that help unleash creativity.

This month we explore one of the ideas – unstructured daydreaming and aimless wandering.

urban art!

Brilliant piece of urban art discovered in Wakefield, Quebec!

Creative ideas are born out of many conditions that need to be present for creativity to thrive. One of the conditions is having the time to daydream. This means unstructured time to play, wander and explore without the constraints and pressures of normal life…

Last year we started offering a regular feature on our blog called “Web Distractions” – effectively the results of my web daydreaming time that help me create new and fun ideas in my work.


Creative wanderings…

Below are some of my favourite links from past “Web Distraction” posts:
• Keeping up with Olympic photo deadlines
Past student, Nathalie Madore, shared this link from a photographer on the pressures of shooting the Olympics!

• Librarian Portraits
A reader who prefers anonymity offers a whimsical look at the look of librarians!

• Behind the Scenes of an Apple Photo Shoot
Jeffrey Furry sent us this link through a member “online photo program” discussion on the complexity of “getting it right straight from the camera.”

• The Power of Mistakes
This video came to me month’s ago and, while not about photography specifically, it inspired me to embrace creativity.

creativity and art

iPhone Mistake or creative process?

• “The photography teacher nobody wants
Claude Brazeau suggested this link exposing the finest teacher of photography. I agree.

• Perfect Timing – about the Lee Harvey Oswald Shooting
Thanks to Yan Huckendubler for sending us this video featuring Pullitzer Prize winning photojournalist Bob Jackson about his famous shot of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald – charged with killing President kennedy.

• Low-Tech, High Impact
Theresa Hannah shared these amazing photos she found on the web captured using low tech camera equipment. Interested?

• Amazing Film – not CGI!
Dino Sotos posted this amazing Volvo ad shot live – not in the computer. I admirework based on tactile photo and physical skills!

• Ansel Adams Story
Allan Cameron offered us this glimpse of the life of a master photographer.

Pro Perspective
Daydreaming has been unfairly labelled a waste of time. Without it we would be without some brilliant inventions.

Messiness is also often shunned but this is also a trait of many highly creative people… Some of the most brilliant people are also the messiest!

While it is important to clean your home, eat well and pay the bills it’s also critical to creative success to allow time to do nothing but wander aimlessly.

creative breakthroughs

Web wanderings

Tonight, DON’T:
• Fold your laundry
• Cross reference your Visa bill with receipts
• Re-organize your pantry

DO take the time you would have spent on these tasks and:
• Go for a walk to study patterns in the clouds
• Search google for anything that interests you and aimlessly follow the thread of fun links
• Play with your kids and their lego – preferably soaking up their un-adult-like creative explorations

Final Frame
My laundry NEVER gets folded.
But I do take time to explore…

Create magic.
Have fun!