Exposed!! Web Distractions = Creative Catalyst

“I’ve lost my photo passion!”
I hear from many photographers that burn out creatively:
• Their will to shoot has waned.
• Creativity has disappeared.
• They’re ready to sell their equipment!

There are many remedies.
One is to take a break! Everybody needs a holiday.
Another is to look for inspiration.

And this month we look at our reader’s new suggestions for inspiration on the web. A big thanks to our readers for continuing to send links that inspire and engage, creatively.

Iceland – “Miracle of Nature”
First, Kent offered these spectacular views of one of my favourite places on earth – Iceland! These should give you some inspiration!

Iceland photography

Iceland’s Waterfalls

Selfie-a-day for 6 + years!
Mimi, offered this video of a woman who created a video of 6 + years of her own selfies as she battled some of life’s challenges and successes.

Photoshop Variations from Different Cultures
We found this post about one original picture that was sent around the world to be processed. See the results, geographically!

No more development for Apple Aperture?
Murielle C sent this announcement about Apple’s answer to Adobe’s Lightroom. I saw this coming… Hope Aperture users are ok!

Photo Spotlight – Cory Richards
Christine posted this video about adventure photographer Cory Richards’ path to photographic adventurous heights.

Dancers Photographed Differently
Marc Adornato shared this post about some very different dance photography.

photo fun

Twirling on a 30 foot porch

Inspiring Photo Quotes
Steven F brought our attention to some valuable boosts in the inspiration department.

Vintage Canada
Ron D and Lois S both sent this look at some classic Canadian photos.

Evolution of Photo Careers – Where are they now?!
Murielle also sent this link showing what 28 laid-off photojournalists are doing now…

3D Sand Artist
Katharina shared this link to a New Zealand Artist that creates 3d pictures with sand!

Large format photographer

Vintage Camera

Creative wanderings are important! – this month our online members are challenged to produce photos in a small, defined, boring space. Through exploration and wanderings, ideas develop based on surroundings and “idea switches” – elements that trigger creative ideas!

Take some time for creative play and wonder – it’ll open new worlds

Final Frame
Take photos.
Have Fun.