Exposed! Creativity – Looking for Influences

In our recent theme of creativity in our Exposed! photo newsletters we’ve looked at creativity and ways to improve it.

This month we’re going to revisit some favourite recent links in our web distractions feature on our blog.

I spend time every week letting the internet take me places that will inspire, teach, and surprise me. Without external influences my creative work will not grow as quickly or strongly.

Large format photography

Influences helped me create plans and build my newest camera

Here are my favourite ‘distractions’ from the past months:
• Post-Baby Beauty
Murielle C posted this link challenging perceptions of beauty.

• Custom-Cameras
Mike V of PhotoKibitz offered this link to Custom Cameras… very fun!

• Sun Streaks to Analemma 
Gilles saw my SunStreaks project and sent me this link to the related Analemma – very interesting! Thanks Gilles…

Black & White Dog Portrait

Dogs and Dog Portraits!

• “Absurdly Expressive” dog portraits
I love dogs!
And I think Debbie S. knows it. She shared this collection of canine portraits.

• Vivian Maier’s hidden photo talent and collection
Liz links to this documentary of a hidden talent who wanted nothing to do with the fame she is generating! Amazing story…

• Creative Artist
Again, this is not about photography but creativity and art to help you think differently about your photography! Thanks to Eliot for this link…

Creative Influences come from many places

When I was shooting stock solely for my two agencies my editor kept urging me to consume LOTS of magazines – not for the content but for the ads. This was before the internet… and she was telling me to consume work to help shape my vision and direction. It’s a good idea – without influences we will not grow as strong.

Consume lots of photos and inspiration from the web. Don’t copy but do let the work affect your fun.

Final Frame
Consume ideas.
Stretch your vision.
Take photos.
Have fun!