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“Why are you carrying that ladder in the woods?” they ask.
“Rise and tilt,” I reply.
Rise and tilt. It’s a bit of a mantra for my photography. And it’s a phrase you can apply to your photos to help get better backgrounds and stronger foregrounds whether related to landscapes or people pictures.

In this edition of Exposed! We explore cleaner backgrounds with nothing more easy than a simple physical adjustment to any camera.

And for this month’s newsletter we are relying on video for the first time! We're pretty excited about our mini movie. Let us know what you think.

Video Review

Simple but effective:
One way to clean up a messy background is to raise your camera higher and tilt it down towards your subject.
A slight aerial view will help keep the photo cleaner by eliminating a messy background!

Special thanks to: Paul Mason, Jess & Joel, and Ian Tamblin. The Oscar's in the mail


…And Tilt.

Pro Perspective

I use this technique all the time. For Portraits. For Landscapes. For commercial work. It helps separate the fore from the back ground. That’s why I bring a ladder or look for something to rise me above the subject.

Final Frame

Rise & Tilt.
Take photos.
Have fun.