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We were in New York City recently and I visited some of the most influential photo retailers in North America. That got me thinking about our second annual gift idea suggestions.

Do you have a photo friend on your gift list? Read on for some photo gift ideas.

Toy cameras

At the International Centre for Photography I saw some fun toy cameras suitable for the photographer that takes photography too seriously. Try the Holga, Lomo or Horizon cameras withe the swing lens. And see what others are up to in the toy camera community!


We visited the New York City Library and that means books. Books are always a great gift for photographers. Try these:

Camera bags

While wandering through Soho we stumbled on the Crumpler store. Two and a half years ago I bought their Brazillion Dollar Home and it's been the finest camera bag I've owned.

I do like the LowePro lineup as well and have a couple of their bags. I left the Crumpler store with a much smaller Crumpler bag. Consider a camera bag for a gift for the photographer on your list.

Gift ideas to make your ears flap!
Gift ideas to make your ears flap!

A retro film camera

New York City was a fun bit of Rest and Relaxation for me. I brought one of my favourite cameras in the world for some vacation fun - the Nikon FM2.

Yes, I've raved about this camera before. It represents a great gift idea to challenge an accomplished digital photographer. A film camera offers a new, albeit classic challenge. You have to rely on skill - and not the preview - to make great photos!


The last time I was in NYC was to document Bike New York. That was many years ago. Shooting an event is one of the best ways to improve photo skills.

So give your photo friend an opportunity to shoot an event. This can be free and local or distant and expensive. Join them on a photo adventure to cover a running race, music festival, or fireworks. Set your friend some challenges and collaborate to build stunning photos.


Photo opportunities in NYC are endless. Portraits, photojournalism, night light in Times Square, sports. The best cameras in the world won't create good photos alone. Learning will help someone produce memorable photos.

Give the gift of learning to help your photographer succeed.

Stocking Stuffers

In camera stores there are all kind of inexpensive ideas for photo stocking stuffers. Useful ideas:

Things to avoid:


Check with local retailers for photo gift ideas.

Pro Perspective

In case Santa is reading this, here are some ideas for the elves:

Final Frame

Give the gift of photography, one way or another.
Take photos. Have fun.